Making the Most of Our Spaces

Welcome to ‘Making the Most of our Teaching Spaces’. Here you can view student perspectives about teaching spaces, study spaces and virtual spaces at the University of Bristol and hear about the work of the BILT Student Fellows.


In January and February 2019, BILT visited the University of Northampton’s Waterside campus, Oxford Brookes University and Southampton Solent to see their innovative learning spaces.

University of Northampton

Oxford Brookes University

Southampton Solent

These visits were fantastic opportunities to learn about the thinking behind the space design and the move towards more active learning in Higher Education. View a blog post about these visits here:


The Student Fellows, pictured below, run a number of events to gather student perspectives.

Workshop: Student Fellow, Lisa Howarth, ran a workshop for students to gather perspectives about teaching, study and virtual spaces at the University of Bristol. Read a blog and see photos of the event below:

Education Network Forum: The Student Fellows collaborated with the Student Union to run activities about teaching and learning spaces, assessment, data and student engagement.

Surveying Students: The Student Fellows stood outside of Senate House throughout the year to gather student perspectives about teaching and learning. Watch a video of students playing a pedagogical word association game below:

Pedagogical Pub Quiz: Student Fellows Corrie Macleod and Phoebe Graham ran an end of year quiz for staff and students. This was a great way to hear a variety of perspectives in an informal setting.

Teaching Spaces

At the Education Network Forum, students were asked to give their feedback on photos of a variety of different teaching and learning spaces.

Education Network: Lecture Theatres
Education Network: Classrooms

Students were asked to give written and verbal feedback to provocations about teaching and learning.

Student Perspectives: What if..?

Students were asked to design their ideal classrooms.

Student Perspectives: Teaching Spaces

Study Spaces

Students were asked to rank the importance of a variety of features about study spaces. Students felt that having a silent space to work was the most important consideration, followed by natural light and long opening hours. When asked how study spaces could be improved, the most popular answer was to have more seats and spaces.

Watch student views on study spaces in the video below.

Student Perspectives: Study Spaces

At the workshop, students were asked ‘What if all study spaces looked like coffee shops?’

At the Education Network Forum, students were asked to give their responses to photos of social study spaces. Watch the video below.

Education Network: Social study spaces

Virtual Spaces

Students were asked ‘What if all learning was virtual?’

Students were asked to give their views on the use of technology in class and the ability to listen to recorded lectures on RePlay. Check out their thoughts in the video below.

Student Perspectives: Use of technology

The Future of University Spaces

Students were asked ‘How would you like teaching spaces to look in the future?’ and written responses were turned into a Word Cloud. View a video of students discussing how they see the future of teaching spaces below.

Student Perspectives: The future of teaching spaces


The Student Fellows reflected on their successes and challenges in a video for the Bristol Teaching Awards.