Bristol Teaching Awards

Itziar Martinez

Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.

“…Itziar inspires me to learn and research more into the language. Every lesson (despite all being online) is really engaging and Itziar is very understanding of all students…”

“Despite never meeting her in person, Itziar stood out to me…Itziar is always there to greet us with such a high level of enthusiasm and encouragement it’s impossible not to be in a good mood.”

“Her lessons are a perfect mixture of group interaction and individual work…”

“she has introduced different forms of assessment, creating an active and interactive learning environment…”

1 thought on “Itziar Martinez”

  1. My name is Shawn, I was Ms Itziar’s student when she was teaching Spanish in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

    Itziar is most dedicated spanish tutor I have ever met, she devote most of her time to the teaching work and thinks the way to mejorarlo. It was great to have a tutor who is enjoy to stay with her students, especially for language courses, by saying that I’m not demanding a tutor to work over time, but we can feel the passion and it could leverage our interest to this language.

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