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Giles Cory

Senior Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Life Sciences, School of Biochemistry

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I don’t know how [Giles] manages to make stats (which should arguably be awful) engaging and easy to follow.

[Giles] has revolutionised the teaching on this course and transformed the level of student engagement, from being considered a necessary but boring aspect of the course to being an inspiring and fascinating subject. His teaching methods are innovative and dynamic, for example including fun videos of games at the start of each lecture video. Students have frequently commented on how this helps engage them in the content and reduces their anxiety over the subject as it makes Giles seem fun and approachable as a teacher.

Giles has made the whole course not only informative but interesting and fun, with short lectures that are easy to follow and keep track of. Not only this but he puts on drop-in sessions to help with any areas we are struggling with and records tutorials on how to use the software, as well as providing extra information sheets to aid us with the tests and accompany out knowledge…. I now feel I can use statistics in my other university work and use it properly.

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