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German Department Teaching Team

Some members of the German Department Teaching Team

Faculty of Arts, Department of German

Anna Havinga, Annette Krause, Christophe Fricker, Claudia Sein, Debbie Pinfold, Eva Gossner, Ian Foster, Jessica Lueth, Mandy Q Poetzsch, Mark Allinson, Richard McClelland, Ruth Winter, Sandra Baumgartner-Naylor, Steffan Davies

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The team have a variety of personalities and different teaching styles which makes them all fabulously unique, but they all share a common passion for what they do and go above and beyond for every student.

virtual ‘tee mit tema events’ …are amazing because they allow students to learn about really cool new things that they wouldn’t otherwise learn about, and all the staff are always so passionate with the love of what they do shining through. They adapted this to a zoom format throughout the pandemic and I personally loved these events in lockdown as it helped add structure to my week and it was fun to have something new to listen to and learn about.

The German department are also always there to help students with post-university plans, there is honestly never too many questions for them.

We asked the team how they felt about being nominated and shortlisted.

The German Department is delighted to have been shortlisted for the team award for inspiring and innovative teaching. We are all individually committed to stimulating teaching and to supporting our students to achieve their full intellectual potential, and our students continue to recognise this through individual BTA nominations. On this occasion, though, we are particularly pleased that our collective efforts to foster a lively intellectual and social community (in classes and beyond) have been recognised. Maintaining that sense of community was obviously especially challenging during the pandemic and we are grateful to our students for all their engagement and participation in difficult circumstances – they made it possible for us to continue what we all enjoy doing and we are very proud of all they have achieved over this unprecedented period.  

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