Big Picture layout, Bristol Teaching Awards

Engineering Technical Services Team

Faculty of Engineering

Amy Bland, Archie Smith, Christopher Cooper, Daniel Carrington-Field, Daryl White, Dominic Hardman, Ellen Gingell, Enea Colleoni, Greg Richards, Harry Hillier, Jack Marsh, James Filbin, Jonathan Rose, Jude Bramton, Kieran Elliott, Luke Woodbury, Mark Reed, Matt Bland, Matthew Richardson, Rich Chaffey, Richard Walker, Ricky Billingham, Rob Beazer, Terry Godsmark

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The technical team have done an outstanding job this year to provide lab and workshop induction sessions for nearly 700 first year engineering students.

Not only did the technical team support students in the labs, they prepared excellent video-based introduction material. Most of the labs and inductions were delivered in one week-which is an amazing achievement!

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