Bristol Teaching Awards

Chris Mills

Technology Enhanced Learning Developer (Dentistry), Faculty of Health Sciences, Bristol Dental Hospital

“He also goes out of his way to enhance the community spirit of the dental school by creating and diligently updating the dental school blog, the Articulator.”

“His technical support with regards to online examination preparation is second to none in my experience. He is very respectful of all and definitely has a “can do” mindset which the Dental School certainly benefits from.”

“Throughout the pandemic he has become a well known name to all dental students and staff alike and our experience of online learning would not have been the same without him. He has single handedly kept our course running online and we are so grateful.”

“His communication is excellent from running collaborate sessions and delivering PowerPoints to explain the process of online exams to sending email updates when things are not working correctly – he has worked tirelessly”

We asked Chris how he felt about being shortlisted

I cannot express how honoured I feel to be nominated for this award, and how amazing it was to read the quite staggering amount of comments from both staff and students.

Staff – I hope I have been able to support you during what has been a quite remarkable year, especially in my job.

Students – I’m glad you feel I can provide a little light entertainment ahead of stressful exams! Hopefully we can get back to that soon.

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