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BILT Briefing Issue 67

News and Events

‘Exploring Transformational Experiences’ Hackathon – 8th and 15th December
We’re looking for approx. 30 students, from all disciplines and levels of study, to take part in a hackathon across two afternoons in December. We’re looking for students to share their experiences to help us decipher what it takes to create a transformational- rather than transactional- experience. To apply, students just need to fill out this short application form. Full details are available on myOpportunities. Please share with any students you think may be interested and get in touch with Amy Palmer for more information.

Decolonising the Curriculum Reading Group
The first meeting of our Decolonising the Curriculum reading group is taking place on Wednesday 10th November between 12.30 – 1.30pm. This reading group is a chance for academics and students from across the institution to get together to explore and learn from each other in an informal setting. Book your ticket here.

Blogs and resources

Meet the (last) Student Fellow… Dan Anthony
Dan joined us a couple of weeks later than the rest of the team – get to know a little more about him by reading his introductory blog.

Practical methods of decoloniality in mathematics pedagogy
This wonderfully accessible and informative piece by Student Fellow Adriel Miles highlights three ways colleagues teaching mathematics can engage in decolonisation. An interesting read for all, regardless of your discipline!

Mythbusting… Decolonising the Curriculum
We’ve answered the four main misconceptions about decolonisation in this blog post.

In the Wild
Mark Neild, a senior lecturer in the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, shares the work he does to embed employability skills in his unit by inviting local SMEs and business experts to review students’ portfolios. Read more here.

Blended Learning: what does it all even mean?
Aimed at students, this succinct and friendly post breaks down the latest digital education buzzwords to take away the confusion and lack of clarity around phrases now used on a daily basis, making it essential reading for all new starters. Written by BILT Student Fellow Ellen Graves.

Unethical Research Kills: the importance of ethics in any research
An entertaining post with an important message, this piece from Student Fellow Tasha Suresh highlights the essentiality of ethics in any research. This is the first post in a series to follow on Ethics.

Spotlight on… Supervision and nurturing relationships
Our case studies page has been updated over the last couple of weeks, with many more cases studies added to it. This week, out ‘Spotlight on’ is ‘Supervision and nurturing relationships’. You can see these selected case studies, as well as hundreds of others, on our ‘Case studies‘ page.

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