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Help your Students Engage with your Blackboard Course (DEO Webinar)

Learn some quick and easy ways to help your students – and colleagues – to navigate your Blackboard content. During this short webinar we will run through our top tips and answer your questions.

This webinar is aimed at both academic and administrative staff. The webinar is suitable for all levels of experience; some basic knowledge of Blackboard would be helpful but isn’t essential.

This webinar will be presented by David Perkins de Oliveira and Suzi Wells from the Digital Education Office.

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Blackboard Basics: Marking and Providing Feedback to Online Assignments, see the outcome through the Students’ Eyes (DEO Webinar)

Learn how to make the most of the feedback features in Blackboard inline grading and get an insight into how your students will see their results. As well as talking you through the software we will have time to answer your questions about marking in Blackboard.

This course is suitable for  academic staff and all levels of experience (some basic knowledge is helpful but not necessary). 

This webinar will be presented by Roberta Perli and Roger Gardner from the Digital Education Office.

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Managing Student Access to Online Submission Points in Blackboard: Understanding Pre-Submission Quizzes, Groups and Adaptive Release [DEO Webinar]

Whether you just need a refresher or are new to managing submission points in Blackboard, this short webinar will explain how pre-submission quizzes and groups can be used with adaptive release to manage students’ access to submission points and how you can check if a student can see a submission point or not.

This webinar is suitable for all levels though some basic knowledge of Blackboard would be helpful, but not necessary. This webinar would be most suitable for administrative staff. 

The room will be available from around 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

This webinar will be presented by David Perkins de Oliveira and Naomi Beckett from the Digital Education Office.

Synchronous Online Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate (DEO)

Blackboard Collaborate is an interactive web conferencing tool available for staff and students. This hands on workshop will help you set up online spaces, timed sessions and use interactive tools with remote users and external guests. Share screens, create breakout rooms for groups and setup spaces for collaborate work. From feedback meetings to webinars, Collaborate can help you take teaching beyond the classroom.

Introduction to Blackboard for Academic and Research Staff (DEO)

The aims of this workshop are to provide an overview of the tools and features of Blackboard, explore ideas on how Blackboard can be used to support learning and teaching, and enable participants to design and edit their own courses.

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  1. be familiar with key features of Blackboard
  2. be able to design and edit a Blackboard course that includes content and activities 
  3. know how to access further help and support

Getting the Most out of the Blackboard Grade Centre: Advanced Administration Skills for EMA (DEO)

Increasing numbers of staff are supporting electronic management of assessment (EMA) in Blackboard. This workshop is aimed at colleagues who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise of administering the grade centre effectively, in particular when dealing with large cohorts of students. During the workshop participants will be able to explore examples and try out a range of advanced grade centre tools. They will also be given access to a set of resources to take away.

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • be able to apply advanced features of the grade centre to their Courses eg use grading periods to organise assignments by teaching block.
  • be able to make the grade centre easier to work with eg for markers and moderators
  • have strategies to administer the grade centre effectively including filtered views and managing large cohorts of students
  • be able to import and export data from the grade centre from/to other systems.
  • be able to ensure controlled student access to relevant grade centre data

*Participants should already have a basic knowledge of setting up and managing assignments in Blackboard.

Introduction to Blackboard for Administrative and Support Staff (DEO)

Blackboard is the University of Bristol’s centrally supported Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Blackboard provides a range of tools for communication, collaboration, and assessment, as well as offering an online area to share resources like course notes and reading lists. This workshop will provide an introduction to the key features of Blackboard most used by administrative and support staff, including:

  • course set-up and life cycle;
  • enrollment;
  • adding content such as files, folders and web links;
  • using communication tools, e.g. email and announcements;
  • online submission;
  • common student and staff queries.