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How Just is the Global Response to Climate Change?

March 4, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Speaker: Dr Alix Dietzel


Climate change is fundamentally an issue of justice. It will affect those who have done least to contribute to the problem – people living in the poorest regions of the world and people who are not yet born. These climate vulnerable people risk having their human rights (health, water, food, shelter, and even life) threatened by climate change. If we are to respond justly to the problem of climate change, we need to do as much as possible as soon as we can – in fact, according to the IPCC report released in October 2018, we have just 12 years to prevent global mean temperature from rising above 1.5C.

In this lecture, Dr Alix Dietzel will explore what a just response to the climate change problem looks like and how close we are to meeting it. Focusing on the human right to health, Dr Dietzel will examine who is making political decisions on climate change and assesses to what extent these decisions are ‘fair’ and ‘just’ – and especially to what extent they protect human health. Investigating the role of states, cities, corporations, and non-governmental organisations, she will provide insight into the ‘big picture’ of climate change (mis)management and the injustices that come along with it. Finally, she will touch on what you can (and should!) do as an individual. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, so please do come along.


Dr Alix Dietzel, Lecturer in Politics, takes a global justice focused approach in order to assess the current response to climate change. Alix teaches units concerning global problems, ethics and normative theory, global governance, and international relations. Alix actively pursues public engagement and outreach activities. As a climate justice scholar, Alix thinks that it is important to share her knowledge with the local community in Bristol and engage with the wider public on climate change. 



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